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May, 2017

OpenMP ARB Appoints New Members to its Board of Directors

May 24, 2017|Categories: press-release, updates|

The OpenMP ARB has appointed Duncan Poole of NVIDIA and Kathryn O’Brien of IBM to its Board of Directors. They bring a wealth of experience to the OpenMP ARB. read more

Apr, 2017

Brookhaven National Laboratory Joins the OpenMP Effort

Apr 19, 2017|Categories: press-release, updates|

Advancing the frontiers of high-performance and data-intensive computing is central to Brookhaven’s mission and membership in the OpenMP ARB recognizes the importance of OpenMP within their science portfolio read more

Mar, 2017

Celebrating 20 Years of OpenMP

Mar 04, 2017|Categories: press-release, updates, Website|

The OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB) celebrates this year the 20th anniversary of its incorporation and of the release of the first OpenMP API specification for parallel processing. The first two events that will form part of the official celebrations are hereby announced.

Nov, 2016

Stony Brook University Joins OpenMP ARB

Nov 15, 2016|Categories: press-release, updates|

Stony Brook University (NY) recently founded the Institute for Advanced Computational Science (IACS) and as a member of the OpenMP ARB will be able to contribute directly to its further evolution, especially to support very large-scale computations. read more

OpenMP 5.0 Preview 1 Published

Nov 10, 2016|Categories: Events, press-release, updates|

TR4 is a preview of OpenMP 5.0 and augments the current V4.5 with new language features, clarifications, and fixes. “TR4 contains features that help OpenMP maintain its strong position as the gold standard in shared memory programming,” Michael Klemm, CEO OpenMP ARB. read more

Jul, 2016

Inria Joins the OpenMP ARB

Jul 22, 2016|Categories: press-release|

Inria, the French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics joins the OpenMP ARB group. "Inria looks forward to contribute this expertise in making OpenMP meet the challenges of the Exascale era”.