SC13 – Denver – November 2013

Talks in the OpenMP booth: OpenMP in Embedded Systems - Sunita Chandrasekaran (U. of Houston) and Sven Brehmer (PolyCore Software) »Sunita's Slides | »Sven's Slides New Features in OpenMP 4.0 API Specifications - YongHong Yan (U. Houston) »YongHong's Slides Tasking in OpenMP - Ruud van der Pas (Oracle) »Ruud's Slides [...]

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OpenMP 3.0 Fortran Summary Card

A summary card of the OpenMP 3.0 Fortran API Specifications is now available: »OpenMP 3.0 Fortran API Summary Card (revised March 2009) (PDF) Also:     »Version 3.0 Summary Card C/C++ (November, 2008) (PDF)

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Article – Design of OpenMP Tasks

The March 2009 edition of the IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems features an article on the design of tasks in OpenMP by Eduard Ayguadé, Nawal Copty, Alejandro Duran, Jay Hoeflinger, Yuan Lin, Federico Massaioli, Xavier Teruel, Priya Unnikrishnan, Guansong Zhang. OpenMP has been very successful in exploiting structured [...]

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IWOMP 2009 Announced

The 5th International Workshop on OpenMP: Evolving OpenMP in an Age of Extreme Parallelism - will take place in Dresden (Germany) from the 3rd June through the 5th June 2009. The workshop will be hosted by the Center for Information Services & High Performance Computing (ZIH) at the Dresden University [...]

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