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Asynchronous GPU Programming in OpenMP

2024-06-03T14:15:47-07:00Jun 03, 2024|

The Centre of Excellence on Performance Optimisation and Productivity published the recording of a webinar on Asynchronous GPU Programming in OpenMP where Christian Terboven and Michael Klemm discuss the optimization of data transfers and asynchronous offloading, hybrid OpenMP and HIP, and advanced task synchronization. Watch now.

Fortran Package Manager and OpenMP

2023-11-28T08:35:11-07:00Oct 11, 2023|

The Fortran Package Manager, or fpm, is a community-driven, open-source build tool and package manager for the Fortran language. fpm makes it easy for beginners to develop applications. It streamlines project setup by quickly and easily generating Fortran project templates, facilitating rapid prototyping.

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