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IWOMP 2010 Material Available

IWOMP 2010, the annual international workshop on OpenMP, was held in Tsukuba, Japan in June. The papers presented at the workshop are now available as a book published by Springer Verlag: Beyond Loop Level Parallelism in OpenMP: Accelerators, Tasking and More The OpenMP Tutorial is also available in PDF: Welcome [...]

Jul 13, 2010|Categories: Website|

Dr Dobbs on OpenMP

Dr Dobbs Journal has a lengthy article about OpenMP: OpenMP: A Portable Solution for Threading By Shameem Akhter and Jason Roberts However, while still useful, it is a bit dated. It seems to be adapted from Chapter 6 of the authors' book Multi-Core Programming, and is limited to version 2.5 [...]

Jul 12, 2010|Categories: Website|

SPEC Looking For A Few Good Applications

SPEC, the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation, is looking for realistic OpenMP applications to include in the next version of the SPEC CPU and SPEC OMP benchmark suites. SPEC is sponsoring a search program, and for each step of the process that a submission passes, SPEC will compensate the Program Submitter [...]

May 20, 2010|Categories: Website|

IWOMP 2009 Presos Now Available

From The 2009 International Workshop on OpenMP in Dresden, Germany. Many of the presentations are now available in PDF from the IWOMP website: An Overview of OpenMP 3.0 Ruud van der Pas, Sun Microsystems OpenMP Under The Hood Lei Huang, University of Houston Tasking in OpenMP 3.0 Alejandro Duran, Barcelona [...]

Jun 18, 2009|Categories: Events|

Download Book Examples and Discuss

Ruud van der Pas, one of the authors of the book Using OpenMP - - Portable Shared Memory Parallel Programming by Chapman, Jost, and van der Pas, has made 41 of the examples in the book available for download and your use. These source examples are available as a free [...]

Apr 02, 2009|Categories: Website|

OpenMP 3.0 Fortran Summary Card

A summary card of the OpenMP 3.0 Fortran API Specifications is now available: »OpenMP 3.0 Fortran API Summary Card (revised March 2009) (PDF) Also:     »Version 3.0 Summary Card C/C++ (November, 2008) (PDF)

Mar 19, 2009|Categories: updates|

Demystifying Persistent Myths About OpenMP

Ruud van der Pas (Sun Microsystems) debunks some of the myths about OpenMP he found in a recent article on the web about parallel programming. Unfortunately, the September 5, 2008 blog titled "The OpenMP Concurrency Platform" written by Charles Leiserson from Cilk Arts repeats some of the persistent myths regarding OpenMP. Certain [...]

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Article – Design of OpenMP Tasks

The March 2009 edition of the IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems features an article on the design of tasks in OpenMP by Eduard Ayguadé, Nawal Copty, Alejandro Duran, Jay Hoeflinger, Yuan Lin, Federico Massaioli, Xavier Teruel, Priya Unnikrishnan, Guansong Zhang. OpenMP has been very successful in exploiting structured [...]

Feb 06, 2009|Categories: updates|

OpenMP Overview – Slides and Video

Ruud van der Pas of Sun Microsystems recently gave an overview of OpenMP at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The slides are now available: »An Overview of OpenMP - Ruud van der Pas - Sun Microsystems Here is the video of the talk:

Jan 31, 2009|Categories: Website|

SC08 OpenMP “Hands-On” Tutorial Available

Tim Mattson and Larry Meadows, both of Intel, presented a day-long tutorial introducing parallel programming with OpenMP at SC08 last week in Austin, TX. The slides and class exercises from that tutorial are now available: Hands-On Introduction to OpenMP, Mattson and Meadows, from SC08 (Austin) (PDF) Code Exercises (zip)

Nov 24, 2008|Categories: Website|