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More Experiments from Christian Terboven on Tasking in 3.0

Christian Terboven at the University of Aachen continues his experiments with OpenMP 3.0 tasking: »More on Tasking in OpenMP 3.0 We already played a lot with Tasking and are looking into how well it can be applied to *real* applications. In the “Introduction to Parallel Programming” lecture and also in [...]

Aug 24, 2008|Categories: Website|

Latest Topics in the General Forums

The following topics are currently being discussed over at the »OpenMP General Forum: Global scope & threadprivate leads to undefined symbol How can I install openMP packages on Ubuntu? Any good 3.0 examples? Does OpenMP implementation clean up the threads itself? Custom reduction operators in OpenMP Calculate CPU Utilization Only [...]

Aug 15, 2008|Categories: Website|

OpenMP 3.0 in Sun Studio Express 7.08 Compilers

Sun Studio Express July 2008 released today implements some of the new OpenMP 3.0 features in their C, C++, and Fortran compilers and tools. Runs on Solaris, OpenSolaris, and Linux, on SPARC and x86/x64 platforms, and it's a free download from the Sun Studio portal. Details on what OpenMP 3.0 [...]

Jul 30, 2008|Categories: Website|

IWOMP 2009 Announced

The 5th International Workshop on OpenMP: Evolving OpenMP in an Age of Extreme Parallelism - will take place in Dresden (Germany) from the 3rd June through the 5th June 2009. The workshop will be hosted by the Center for Information Services & High Performance Computing (ZIH) at the Dresden University [...]

Jun 28, 2008|Categories: Events, updates|

International Journal of Parallel Programming, OpenMP Edition

»The International Journal of Parallel Programming June 2008 edition is devoted entirely to OpenMP. • Guest Editors Introduction: Special Issue on OpenMP Guang R. Gao, Mitsuhisa Sato and Eduard Ayguadé • Supporting OpenMP on Cell Kevin O’Brien, Kathryn O’Brien, Zehra Sura, Tong Chen and Tao Zhang • Performance Evaluation of [...]

Jun 28, 2008|Categories: Website|

Christian’s First Experiments with Tasking in OpenMP 3.0

From Christian Terboven's blog: OpenMP 3.0 is out, maybe a bit later than we hoped for, but I think that we got a solid standard document. At IWOMP 2008 a couple of weeks ago, there was an OpenMP tutorial which included a talk by Alex Duran (from UPC in Barcelona, [...]

Jun 06, 2008|Categories: Website|

New Forum Created

The OpenMP 3.0 API Specifications forum is now open for discussing the specs document itself.

May 31, 2008|Categories: Website|

New Links

New links and information have been added to the OpenMP Compilers and the OpenMP Resources pages.

May 23, 2008|Categories: Website|

Recent Forum Posts

  strange behavior of C function strcmp() With OPENMP virtual destructor not called with first private clause newbie question (parallel pragma) Strange memory leak in utterly simple code how to use "private" ? traverse stl containers in parallel omp_get_max_threads in parallel region default(private) large private arrays Threads that create other [...]

May 23, 2008|Categories: Website|

Tutorial Slides from IWOMP 2008

Here are slides from some of the tutorials presented at IWOMP 2008: Important concepts in parallelization (PDF) - Ruud van der Pas, Sun Microsystems, Menlo Park, CA, USA OpenMP under the hood (PDF) -  Barbara Chapman, University of Houston, Houston, TX, USA OpenMP 3.0: What's new? (PDF) -  Alejandro Duran, [...]

May 16, 2008|Categories: Website|