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OpenMP 3.0 Specs Now Available

The OpenMP Architecture Revew Board has approved the 3.0 specifications. The 3.0 draft specifications were out for public review from October thru January. The final 3.0 specs is now available. It corrects a number of typos, clarifies some issues raised during the review period, and contains completed appendicies and lists [...]

May 12, 2008|Categories: Website|

OpenMP at ISC’08 Dresden

Sessions discussing OpenMP at ISC 08 in Dresden in June: Harnessing the Potential of Multicore/Manycore Processors MPI has been the prevailing programming interface for parallel computing. With the widespread use of multi/many-core computers, OpenMP will gain in importance. Professor Lutz Gross, the Director of High Performance Computing in the Earth [...]

May 07, 2008|Categories: Website|

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OpenMP in a New Era of Parallelism

New workshop proceedings from Springer to be published soon: OpenMP in a New Era of Parallelism 4th International Workshop, IWOMP 2008 West Lafayette, IN, USA, May 12-14, 2008, Proceedings Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , Vol. 5004 Sublibrary: Programming and Software Engineering Eigenmann, Rudi; Supinski, Bronis R. de (Eds.) [...]

Apr 26, 2008|Categories: Website|

S-Lang Interface Package 1.9.4 Supports OpenMP

»SLIRP is a vectorizing code generator aimed primarily at simplifying the process of creating modules for the S-Lang scripting language. It supports making C, C++, and Fortran code callable directly from the S-Lang interpreter and can automatically vectorize functions to take advantage of the abilities of S-Lang. SLIRP can also [...]

Apr 25, 2008|Categories: Website|


The SC07 OpenMP BOF was held at the SC07 conference in Reno on November 15, 2007. There were about 70 attendees. Mark Bull of EPCC presented the draft OpenMP 3.0 standard. Marty Itzkowitz presented a modification to the Performance API to reduce overhead for short parallel regions. Both presentations are [...]

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