Fortran Package Manager and OpenMP

2023-11-28T08:35:11-07:00Oct 11, 2023|

The Fortran Package Manager, or fpm, is a community-driven, open-source build tool and package manager for the Fortran language. fpm makes it easy for beginners to develop applications. It streamlines project setup by quickly and easily generating Fortran project templates, facilitating rapid prototyping.

OpenMP API Helps Speed up Search for COVID-19 Drug

2020-04-14T14:12:31-07:00Apr 06, 2020|

Speeding up drug discovery is urgently required and researchers around the world are using AutoDock 4.2 to identify novel drug candidates against COVID-19. This use case shows that the OpenMP API provides a useful and stable environment for node-level parallelization of AutoDock 4.2.

OpenMP Hackathon at Brookhaven National Laboratory

2020-04-06T17:43:13-07:00Oct 08, 2019|

The OpenMP hackathon held at Brookhaven National Laboratory involved eight application teams from US national labs and universities working to fully leverage pre-Exascale systems using the latest OpenMP features. The event was sponsored by the Exascale Computing Project (ECP), the OpenMP ARB, cOMPunity and the SOLLVE team.

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