OpenMP Task Parallelism for Faster Genomic Data Processing

2018-07-01T01:54:08+00:00Mar 29, 2018|

Genomic sequencing is being leveraged for a wide range of applications such as helping plant breeders select for traits for higher-yielding, more nutritious, and disease-resistant crops; diagnosing and treating diseases; and tracing the ancestry of organisms in the tree of life. With the cost of this technology dropping precipitously since the advent of High-Throughput Sequencing (HTS), sequence data are being generated at an accelerating pace, challenging the ability to store, process, and analyze it. more...

Using OpenMP – The Next Step

2020-03-31T10:08:55+00:00Oct 01, 2017|

New book: "Using OpenMP - The Next Step"; covering the OpenMP 4.5 specifications, with a focus on the practical usage of the language features and constructs. “This book is a must have for everyone interested in making the best use of the OpenMP language.” - Michael Klemm, CEO OpenMP ARB. more

OpenMP Accelerator Support for GPUs

2018-07-01T01:54:08+00:00Sep 17, 2017|

Blog: An overview of the OpenMP accelerator support including the latest OpenMP 4.5 features that enhance GPU accelerator support for Fortran, C/C++ and help take us toward Exascale Computing.