We’re gearing up for SC’20. It will be virtual this year, so you can enjoy the show from the comfort of your home. We will have 3 Tutorials, 20 booth talks, our BOF and Exhibitor Forum presentations, Giveaways, and more — watch this space!

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Booth Talks

OpenMP Tutorials

SC tutorials are a great way to get a deep dive on OpenMP. The links below will take you to more information on the SC website. Each of our tutorials are presented in two parts:

  • Part 1 is on Monday, November 9.
  • Part 2 is on Tuesday, November 10.

Times and registration links are listed below. Be sure to register for both parts.

Advanced OpenMP: Host Performance and 5.0 Features

  • Time: 10 am–2 pm (EST)
  • Speakers: Christian Terboven, Michael Klemm, Ruud van der Pas, Bronis R. de Supinski.
  • Tutorial registration links: Nov 9: PART 1 – Nov 10: PART 2

This tutorial will focus on performance aspects, e.g., data/thread locality, false sharing, and exploitation of vector units. All topics are accompanied with case studies and we discuss the corresponding language features in-depth. Focus is solely on performance programming for multi-core architectures.

Programming your GPU with OpenMP: A hands-on Introduction

  • Time: 10 am–2 pm (EST)
  • Speakers: Simon McIntosh-Smith, Tom Deakin.
  • Tutorial registration links: Nov 9: PART 1 – Nov 10: PART 2

Modern platforms are increasingly heterogeneous, with CPU cores, GPU cores, and other specialized accelerators. Programming GPUs with OpenMP has now become a key skill for scientific software developers. In this hands-on tutorial, we will explore OpenMP target directives that map code and data onto a potentially diverse set of devices.

The OpenMP Common Core: A hands-on Introduction

  • Time: 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm (EST)
  • Speakers: Tim Mattson, Yun (Helen) He, Alice Koniges and David Eder.
  • Tutorial registration links: Nov 9: PART 1 – Nov 10: PART 2

Most OpenMP programmers use only around 21 items from the specification. By focusing on this “Common Core,” we make OpenMP what it was always meant to be: a simple API for parallel application programmers. In this hands-on tutorial, students use active learning through a carefully selected set of exercises to master the Common Core and learn to apply it to their own problems.

OpenMP Booth Talks

Even though SC is virtual this year, we are still going to have our famous booth talks: 20-minute presentations about specific tools, tips, or applications uses of OpenMP. Below is the full list of the booth talks we have lined up for this year. We will add links to videos and presentation PDFs as the come available leading up to SC.

  • Performance portability of OpenMP target of GPUs: Tom Deakin
  • Be Lazy and Get Good OpenMP Performance: Ruud van der Pas
  • LB4OMP: a Load Balancing Portfolio for OpenMP: Jonas Henrique Müller Korndörfer
  • BOLT: A Lightweight and Highly Interoperable OpenMP Runtime: Shintaro Iwasaki – (Video) (PDF)
  • Exascale Application: Port QMCPack for exascale using OpenMP: Ye Luo
  • Exascale Library: Optimize SLATE using OpenMP tasks: Piotr Luczczek
  • Exascale Application: Port GESTS to Summit with OpenMP: P.K. Yeung, Kiran Ravikumar
  • Exascale Application: Port GenASiS to accelerators with OpenMP: Reuben D. Budiardja
  • Exascale Application: Port GAMESS to GPUs using OpenMP: Colleen Bertoni
  • SOLLVE: Locality-sensitive Loop Scheduling in OpenMP: Vivek Kale
  • OpenMP for Exascale: The SOLLVE project: Vivek Kale
  • SOLLVE: OpenMP compiler optimizations in LLVM: Johannes Doerfert
  • SOLLVE: Gauging OpenMP 5.0 Status Using SOLLVE V&V: Swaroop Pophale
  • OpenMP ARB Membership: Michael Klemm
  • OpenMP 5.1: Overview: Bronis de Supinksi
  • OpenMP 5.1 Features: The Dispatch Construct: Ravi Narayanaswamy
  • OpenMP 5.1 Features: The Interop Construct: Tom Scogland
  • OpenMP 5.1 Features: The Assume Construct: Johannes Doerfert
  • OpenMP 5.1 Features: Loop Transformation Constructs: Michael Kruse

Giveaway: Enter for a chance to win an OpenMP book!

During the SC’20 Exhibit days, November 17-19, we will be giving away a free OpenMP Book at the end of each day! Enter the drawing at the link that will be coming soon, then you will be entered into the drawing each day. Winners will be emailed asking for a shipping address and for which book they would like to receive, choosing among those shown below. Entry form will be added here in November.

  • The OpenMP Common Core: Making OpenMP Simple Again (van der Pas, Stotzer, and Terboven – 2019)
  • Using OpenMP―The Next Step (Mattson, He, and Koniges – 2017)
  • Using OpenMP: Portable Shared Memory Parallel Programming (Chapman, Jost, and van der Pas – 2007)

Giveaway details and fine print

A winner will be randomly chosen from among all non-duplicate entrees accumulated thus far. Drawings will take place on November 17, 18, and 19 at 6pm (EST). Entries will be eligible for all drawings. Those who win a daily drawing will be removed from future drawings. Those entering the drawing after 6pm on November 17 and 18 will be included in the next and day’s and any subsequent drawings. Those entering the drawing after 6pm on November 19 will not be included in any drawings. The winner will be notified within 24 hours via their provided email address that they have won, but the winner’s name will not be posted so as to preserve their privacy. Included in the email notifying the winner, the winner will be asked which of the eligible books they would like to receive and the address to which it should be sent. This requested information must be received within thirty (30) days or the prize will be forfeited. We will order and send the book within three (3) business days of receiving the address from the recipient. OpenMP ARB and its contractors are not responsible for delivery errors by postal and package delivery services.