SC13 – Denver – November 2013

Talks in the OpenMP booth: OpenMP in Embedded Systems - Sunita Chandrasekaran (U. of Houston) and Sven Brehmer (PolyCore Software) »Sunita's Slides | »Sven's Slides New Features in OpenMP 4.0 API Specifications - YongHong Yan (U. Houston) »YongHong's Slides Tasking in OpenMP - Ruud van der Pas (Oracle) »Ruud's Slides [...]

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SC13 Tutorial: Hybrid MPI and OpenMP Parallel Programming

MPI + OpenMP and other models on clusters of SMP nodes Rolf Rabenseifner, Georg Hager, Gabriele Jost A day long tutorial presented at Supercomputing 2013 in Denver, Colorado, November 2013. Slides (PDF) Audio for Part 1 (mp3) Audio for Part 2 (mp3)

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OpenMP Booth at SC 13 – Denver

Join us at Supercomputing 2013 in Denver, November 17-22. There’s a lot going on, and we hope to see you there! REFRESHMENTS AND CONVERSATION [OpenMP Booth #4117] Tuesday and Wednesday at 4:00pm until it’s gone: Hot Pretzels and a Keg of cold local microbrew - Come for a hot snack [...]

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OpenMP at SC13 in Denver

Join the OpenMP ARB at Supercomputing ’13 and learn about the OpenMP API 4.0. Come to the OpenMP Booth #4117 for your OpenMP 3.1 or 4.0 reference cards, and stay for presentations, prize drawings, and hot pretzels and kegs of cold microbrew in the afternoons. »See the full schedule here

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OpenMP 4.0 API at SC’13

The Recently Released OpenMP 4.0 Standard API will be showcased at SC13 The Texas Advanced Computing Centre, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and RWTH Aachen University show their support for OpenMP 4.0 Champaign, IL – November 07, 2013 – The OpenMP Consortium has recently released OpenMP 4.0, a major upgrade of [...]

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IWOMP 2013 in Canberra, Australia

OpenMP Consortium Announces 2013 IWOMP Workshop, Sept 15-17 in Canberra, Australia Submissions in the fields of GPU, DSP, scientific computation, video games, computer graphics and data mining amongst others are solicited. Champaign, Illinois – April 2, 2013 - The OpenMP Consortium announces the ninth International Workshop on OpenMP (IWOMP), which [...]

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OpenMP at SC12

Join us at Supercomputing 2012 in Salt Lake City, November 10-16. There's a lot going on, and we hope to see you there! REFRESHMENTS AND BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS [OpenMP Booth #2237] Tuesday and Wednesday at 12:30pm until it’s gone : Birthday Cake - Come satisfy your sweet tooth and help us [...]

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Parallel Programming in Computational Engineering and Science PPCES 2011

Seminar/Workshop:  March 21 - March 25, 2011 Aachen, Germany This event is now over, but the course material is available on the Seminar website. This year's seminar will include a special introduction session on Monday to present the new HPC-cluster to be delivered by Bull. During the remainder of the week, [...]

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IWOMP 2009 Presos Now Available

From The 2009 International Workshop on OpenMP in Dresden, Germany. Many of the presentations are now available in PDF from the IWOMP website: An Overview of OpenMP 3.0 Ruud van der Pas, Sun Microsystems OpenMP Under The Hood Lei Huang, University of Houston Tasking in OpenMP 3.0 Alejandro Duran, Barcelona [...]

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IWOMP 2009 Announced

The 5th International Workshop on OpenMP: Evolving OpenMP in an Age of Extreme Parallelism - will take place in Dresden (Germany) from the 3rd June through the 5th June 2009. The workshop will be hosted by the Center for Information Services & High Performance Computing (ZIH) at the Dresden University [...]

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