3rd European OpenMP Users Conference

2021-04-14T08:15:30+00:00Dec 01, 2020|

Online talks, tutorials and discussions aimed at furthering the collaboration and knowledge sharing among the growing community of European high-performance computing specialist using OpenMP.

OpenMPCon 2019

2021-04-14T08:20:27+00:00Sep 09, 2019|

The 5th annual conference for OpenMP developers to discuss all aspects of parallel programming with OpenMP, and run in conjunction with IWOMP.

OpenMP @ ISC 2019

2021-04-14T08:20:36+00:00Jun 18, 2019|

At ISC 2019 in Frankfurt we held the BOF 'OpenMP 5.0 is Here: What do I Need to Know About it and What's Coming Next?, plus two tutorials: 'OpenMP Common Core: Learning Parallelization of Real Applications from the Ground-Up' and 'Advanced OpenMP: Performance and 5.0 Features'.

OpenMP @ SC18

2021-04-14T08:21:13+00:00Nov 12, 2018|

SC18 was packed with OpenMP events, including talks, tutorials, the OpenMP booth talks (videos now available), and more ...

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