Join us for a webinar about how to use tasks in OpenMP to get your work done. Tasking provides a powerful framework to implement less structured types of parallelism and it has been supported in OpenMP since 2008.

In this introductory talk on tasking we start from scratch and end with several practical and realistic examples where tasking is the natural choice. First we’ll cover the main tasking concepts. This is mostly done through an example that, although very simple, allows us to illustrate how it all works.

This is then followed by more examples. Each example is a realistic algorithm that is not so easy to parallelize using the more conventional OpenMP constructs. We show how tasking in a natural way fits the algorithm and what needs to be done to parallelize it.

At the end of this talk, you should be able to judge if your algorithm is suitable for parallelization using tasks and how to get started. And we will of course allow some time for your questions. Suggested background: We only assume some basic knowledge in OpenMP and programming in C.

This presentation will be delivered by Ruud van der Pas, Distinguished Engineer in the Oracle Linux Engineering organization at Oracle. Ruud has significant experience working with OpenMP and participates heavily in the OpenMP Language Committee