OpenMP Examples – Updated with 5.1 Features

2021-09-07T15:13:28+00:00Aug 23, 2021|

OPENMP RESOURCES UPDATE The OpenMP Examples document has been updated with new features found in the OpenMP 5.1 Specification The OpenMP ARB works not only to maintain and promote the OpenMP API, but also to help users and students to learn how to effectively use it. One part of [...]

Webinar: How to Get OpenMP Tasks To Do Your Work

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22 Sep 2021
Tasking provides a powerful framework to implement less structured types of parallelism. Join us for a webinar about how to use tasks in OpenMP, with several practical and realistic examples where tasking is the natural choice.

Webinar: Intro to GPU Programming with the OpenMP API

2021-09-08T03:28:56+00:00Apr 01, 2021|Tags: , |

20 Oct 2021
Join us for a webinar introducing how to use OpenMP for programming your GPU. You don't have to be afraid of programming your GPU with the OpenMP API. The OpenMP features for heterogeneous programming have you covered!

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