OpenMP Examples – Updated with 5.1 Features

2021-09-07T15:13:28-07:00Aug 23, 2021|

OPENMP RESOURCES UPDATE The OpenMP Examples document has been updated with new features found in the OpenMP 5.1 Specification The OpenMP ARB works not only to maintain and promote the OpenMP API, but also to help users and students to learn how to effectively use it. One part of [...]

Mentor Graphics and the University of Basel join the OpenMP effort

2021-09-23T17:11:36-07:00Apr 15, 2021|

“We are delighted to welcome Mentor and the University of Basel as our newest members”, says Michael Klemm, CEO of the OpenMP ARB, “Both are very active in the open source and scientific community, and underline the relevance of the OpenMP API in the HPC community.”

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