The strength of the OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB) comes from its diverse membership. Participating organizations have collaborated since 1997 to ensure that the OpenMP API is a strong stabilizing influence in the computing industry. Companies both large and small with products that depend on the OpenMP API are invited to join the OpenMP ARB, as are other organizations with interest in the evolution of the OpenMP API. Read more about the OpenMP ARB here.

OpenMP ARB Participants are in Good Company

Whether you are a major multinational, a small company, an HPC site, or a leading university, your membership of the OpenMP ARB will put you in good company. See the full list of members here. These organizations meet regularly to discuss the OpenMP API and define its future. This ensures that the OpenMP API will continue to meet the needs of the industries in which it is used, while supporting those applications in which it is implemented.

Benefits of Membership

OpenMP ARB membership provides the following benefits:

  • Developer Resources

    While the general public has access to the OpenMP Forum for help with using the API, membership gives you additional insider access to the framers of the specification through internal email lists, a wiki, and technical meetings.

  • API Influence

    Help to shape the future API specification, keeping it relevant in the changing technological landscape. This influences the aspects of the API on which you depend, while making a better API for the community.

  • Access to the API Roadmap

    Stay a step ahead with early, pre-release access to the roadmap of the OpenMP API.

  • Co-marketing Opportunities

    Present literature and demos about your use of OpenMP at the events and presentations that the OpenMP ARB participates in throughout the world.

  • Use of the OpenMP Logo

    Membership entitles you to use OpenMP trademarks and logos to promote your OpenMP API-related products, services, and research.

  • OpenMP Community Participation

    The OpenMP ARB consists of individuals from more than two dozen influential commercial and research organizations—join this vibrant community.

Choose a Membership Level That Is Right For You

In an effort to make membership possible as widely as possible, the OpenMP ARB has three tiers of membership available:

  • ARB Member | US$6,000

    This highest membership level includes participation in technical discussions and organizational decisions. ARB Members have a full vote on all technical topics (tickets, technical reports, specifications), as well as on organizational topics.

  • ARB Advisor | US$3,000

    ARB Advisors can participate in and vote on technical topics, but they are not involved in organizational decisions. Each ARB Advisor’s vote is counted as a 1⁄2 vote.

  • ARB Contributor | US$1,000

    These members have the same access and voting rights as ARB Advisors, however each ARB Contributor’s vote is counted as as a 1⁄6 vote.

Ready to Join?

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