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Nov, 2022

OpenMP ARB Releases Technical Report 11

The OpenMP® Architecture Review Board (ARB) has released Technical Report 11, the first preview of the future version 6.0 of the OpenMP API and version 5.2.1 of the collection of programming examples.

May, 2022

Apr, 2022

Nov, 2021

Oct, 2021

OpenMP API Speeds Up Autonomous Driving Codes

This blog describes how OpenMP has been used to parallelize object detection, motion planning, and visualization modules of the open source Autoware and Apollo software running on embedded systems.

Aug, 2021

OpenMP Examples – Updated with 5.1 Features

OPENMP RESOURCES UPDATE The OpenMP Examples document has been updated with new features found in the OpenMP 5.1 Specification The OpenMP ARB works not only to maintain and promote the OpenMP API, but also [...]

Jul, 2021

Apr, 2021

CSC Finland Joins the OpenMP Effort

"At CSC, we expect that with the pre-exascale EuroHPC LUMI supercomputer, OpenMP will play an important role in preparing our applications for the heterogeneous architecture and the exascale era." George Markomanolis, Lead HPC Scientist at CSC

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