The OpenMP Examples document has been updated with new features found in the OpenMP 5.0 Specification

The additional examples and updates are referenced in the Document Revision History of the Appendix on page 424.

Text describing an example with a 5.0 feature specifically states that the feature support begins in the OpenMP 5.0 Specification. Also, an omp_5.0 keyword has been added to metadata in the source code. These distinctions are presented to remind readers that a 5.0 compliant OpenMP implementation is necessary to use these features in codes.

Examples for most of the 5.0 features are included in the document, and incremental releases will become available as more feature examples and updates are submitted, and approved by the OpenMP Examples Subcommittee.

The latest source codes for OpenMP Examples can be downloaded from the sources directory at:

Thanks to our Examples Subcommittee Co-chairs:

  • Henry Jin (NASA Ames Research Center)
  • Kent Milfeld (TACC, Texas Advanced Research Center)