The OpenMP Examples document has been updated with new features found in the OpenMP 5.1 Specification

The OpenMP ARB works not only to maintain and promote the OpenMP API, but also to help users and students to learn how to effectively use it. One part of this effort is to publish examples of OpenMP code.
The OpenMP API Examples document is a collection of programming examples intended to supplement the OpenMP API specification. While it is not a part of the formal specification, it assumes basic familiarity with the OpenMP API and shares the same typographical conventions used in the specification.
The OpenMP API 5.1 Examples document is now available.  The 5.1 version contains new features added to the OpenMP API 5.1 Specification in November of 2020.  It includes new chapters on Loop Transformations, Directive Syntax, OMPT (tools) Interface, and Deprecated Features.  A list of new features, additions and modifications are referenced in the Document Revision History at the end. Peruse the history to bring yourself up to date with the latest changes.
The source codes for the OpenMP Examples can be downloaded from the “sources” directory for each chapter, at:
Thanks to our Examples Subcommittee Co-chairs:
  •    Henry Jin (NASA Ames Research Center)
  •    Kent Milfeld (TACC, Texas Advanced Research Center)