Austin, Texas – April 5, 2018 – The OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB), a group of vendors and research organizations creating the standard for one of the most popular shared-memory and embedded parallel programming models in use today, is pleased to announce the appointment of Barbara Chapman to its Board of Directors.

Barbara Chapman is a professor of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, and of Computer Science, at Stony Brook University.   She is also director of Computer Science and Mathematics at Brookhaven National Lab, where she leads an effort to evolve OpenMP and its implementation for large-scale scientific applications. Barbara aims to improve outreach and training activities to facilitate the adoption of OpenMP.

“We are delighted to have Prof. Chapman join the OpenMP Board”, says Partha Tirumalai, chairman of the OpenMP Board of Directors. “Her decades of experience in high-performance computing and education will enhance the value OpenMP brings to users all over the world.”

“Barbara Chapman is the founder of cOMPunity, the Community of OpenMP Users, Researchers, Tool Developers and Providers.”, says Michael Klemm, CEO of the OpenMP ARB, “She has worked tirelessly to foster the community and promote OpenMP around the world.”

Barbara joins Partha Tirumalai of Oracle, Josh Simons of VMware, Kathryn O’Brien of IBM Research, and Duncan Poole of Nvidia on the OpenMP Board of Directors.