October 27, 2011 — The Board of the OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB) is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Wong of IBM Canada as the new CEO of the OpenMP organization. He succeeds outgoing CEO Larry Meadows of Intel. In addition, Matthijs van Waveren has been appointed as Marketing Coordinator.

Michael has extensive leadership experience at IBM in various compiler projects and standards body experience with the ISO C++ committee. He has a particular passion for connecting users with language designers and hopes to bring that energy to OpenMP.

Matthijs has several years experience as Marketing Coordinator at Fujitsu and has been involved with OpenMP since 2000.

About the Appointees

Michael Wong is the IBM and Canadian representative to the C++ Standard, OpenMP Committee and Software Transactional Memory group. He is the co-author of a number of C++0x, OpenMP and STM features. He is the past C++ team lead to IBM´s XL C++ compiler, C compiler and has been designing C++ compilers for fifteen years. He is currently leading the C++0x deployment as a senior technical lead for IBM. His current research interest is in the area of parallel programming, C++ benchmark performance, object model, generic programming and template meta-programming. He is a frequent speaker at various technical conferences and serves on the Programming Committee of Boost, and IWOMP. He holds a B.Sc. from University of Toronto, and a Masters in Mathematics from University of Waterloo.

Matthijs van Waveren is the Fujitsu representative to the OpenMP ARB and to the SPEC High-Performance Group. He has contributed to the development of several SPEC benchmarks and of a number of OpenMP features. He is member of the Board of SPEC, and has received several SPECtacular awards. He holds a PhD from the University of Amsterdam.