OpenMP ARB Releases Technical Report 10

Technical Report 10 previews OpenMP 5.2, which will be released in November 2021

Beaverton, Oregon – July 22, 2021 — The OpenMP® Architecture Review Board (ARB) has released Technical Report 10, the preview for the future version 5.2 of the OpenMP API.

“Version 5.2 refactors the OpenMP specification to improve consistency of its syntax and semantic restrictions.” OpenMP Language Committee Chair Bronis R. de Supinski said. “The inclusion of C++ attribute syntax in OpenMP 5.1 motivated us to add to pursue a 5.2 version, which is in addition to our usual release schedule. TR10 documents the major changes for 5.2 and demonstrates that we will meet the aggressive release schedule.”

New Features included in Technical Report

The key features that are added in Technical Report 10 include:

  • Simplified target directives usage. The default map type of the map clause now provides the same behavior as the to or from map types.
  • Extended support of user-defined mappers. The declare mapper directive was extended to accept additional modifiers.
  • Improved memory allocators. The allocators construct was added to support the use of OpenMP allocators for variables that are allocated by Fortran, and the executable form of allocate directive and dispatch construct were extended with an optional end directive.
  • Refined the syntax of OpenMP directives. Structure is now more concise and consistent.

“This version significantly improves the quality of the OpenMP specification. Many repetitive aspects of the specification are now generated automatically and undergo programmatic correctness and consistency checks.” noted Michael Klemm, OpenMP ARB CEO. “Ultimately, the changes in version 5.2 will facilitate the automated generation of a variety of OpenMP documents, including our Quick Reference Guides, and so will improve the quality of the official OpenMP documentation.”

Please provide feedback on the Technical Report

Technical Report 10 is an important milestone on the path to OpenMP 5.2. Users and implementers are encouraged to provide feedback on the proposed API. Feedback can be sent to

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