26 vendors and research organizations now collaborating on developing standard parallel programming model

Champaign, Illinois — September 6, 2013 — The University of Houston (UH) has joined the OpenMP Consortium, a group of leading hardware and software vendors and research organizations creating the standard for the most popular shared-memory parallel programming model in use today.

“We are excited to join the OpenMP family as an academic member”, says Barbara Chapman, Professor of Computer Science and director of the Center for Advanced Computing and Data Systems (CACDS) at UH. “Through cOMPunity, we have been involved since the beginning. With this new membership, we will continue to engage with the OpenMP community.”

“This is a great step forward for the UH HPCTools research group. We look forward to continuing our efforts to support standardization of OpenMP, to providing reference implementations through the OpenUH compiler and proposing new features”, says Yonghong Yan, Research Assistant Professor at UH.

The University of Houston is located in the Houston metropolitan area, world headquarters for the energy industry and home to the Texas Medical Center. UH HPCTools Research group, led by Chapman and Yan, performs research on parallel programming models, compiler technologies, and HPC applications and systems. CACDS provides HPC resources at UH.

“I wish to warmly welcome UH to OpenMP, although they are no stranger, with a rich and deep history of working with and contributing to OpenMP as well as research regarding OpenMP” says Michael Wong, OpenMP CEO.

The OpenMP ARB now has 14 permanent members and 12 auxiliary members. Permanent members are vendors with a long-term interest in creating products for OpenMP, while auxiliary members have an interest in OpenMP and do not create or sell products.