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SuperComputing 2019 – Denver (SC19)

SuperComputing 2018 – Dallas (SC18)

SuperComputing 2017 – Denver (SC17)

SuperComputing 2016 Salt Lake City (SC16)

SuperComputing 2015 in Austin (SC15)

SuperComputing 2014 in New Orleans (SC14)

SuperComputing 2013 in Denver (SC13)

SuperComputing 2012 Salt Lake City (SC12)

SuperComputing 2011 Seattle (SC11)

IWOMP 2010

The IWOMP 2010 papers presented at the workshop are now available as a book published by Springer Verlag:

The OpenMP Tutorial is also available in PDF:

IWOMP 2009

  • A list of papers and PDFs is here.

SuperComputing 2007

SuperComputing 2005

  • OpenMP in Action (PDF) – Tim Mattson (Intel) and Barbara Chapman (University of Houston, TX, USA)