SC19 OpenMP Booth Talks:

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Intel oneAPI HPC Tools: OpenMP offloading on GPUs

Xinmin Tian, Intel  (Slides PDF)

Practical approach to OpenMP for NVIDIA GPUs

Güray Özen, Nvidia   (Slides PDF)

SOLVE: OpenMP Validation and Verification Suite

Swaroop Pophale & Jose Diaz, Oak Ridge, University of Delaware

Make Legacy Fortran Code Fly on GPUs in 5 Days or Less

Alice Koniges, University of Hawaii  (Slides PDF)

OpenMP in Arm Forge

Nick Forrington, ARM (Slides PDF)

Tools using the OMPT interface

Joachim Protze, RWTH/Aachen Univ (Slides PDF)

The OpenMP Common Core

Tim Mattson, Intel (Slides PDF)

OpenMP clang and flang Development

Johannes Doerfert, Argonne Nat’l Lab (Slides PDF)

Dynamic Load Balancing of Loops in OpenMP

Florina M. Ciorba, University of Basel, Switzerland   (Slides PDF)

Intel Advisor for OpenMP on CPUs & Integrated GPUs

Kirill Rogozhin, Intel    (Slides PDF)

Speed Up Your OpenMP Code Without Doing Much

Ruud van der Pas, Oracle  (Slides PDF)

Nvidia Progress on OpenMP Implementation

James Beyer, Nvidia   (Slides PDF)

Driving OpenMP Development Through Application Needs

Oscar Hernandez, Oak Ridge National Lab   (Slides PDF)

OpenMP best practices with Parallelware Analyzer

Manuel Arenaz, Appentra Solutions   (Slides PDF)

Low-Overhead Loop Scheduling in OpenMP

Vivek Kale, Brookhaven National Lab   (Slides PDF)

Lightweight Threaded Runtime Systems for OpenMP

Shintaro Iwasaki, Argonne National Lab   (Slides PDF)