SC16 OpenMP Booth Talks:

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BOLT: OpenMP over Lightweight Threads

Sangmin Seo, Argonne National Laboratory  (Slides PDF)

Intel Compiler and Runtime Support for OpenMP 4.5 Offloading

Rakesh Krishnaiyer, Intel   (Slides PDF)

Hello Exascale World

Greg Rodgers, AMD

OpenMP in Embedded Systems

Sunita Chandrasekaran, University of Delaware  (Slides PDF)

IBM XL compiler: OpenMP offloading support for GPU

Kelvin Li (IBM)   (Slides PDF)

LLVM-Based Tool for Guided Parallelization with OpenMP

Manuel Arenaz, Appentra, University of Coruña, Spain    (Slides PDF)

Sorting Things Out With Tasks

Ruud van der Pas, Oracle  (Slides PDF)

Writing Performance-portable OpenMP 4.5

Matt Martineau, University of Bristol   (Slides PDF)