| OPENMP API Specification: Version 5.0 November 2018

2.19  Data Environment

This section presents directives and clauses for controlling data environments.

  2.19.1  Data-Sharing Attribute Rules  Variables Referenced in a Construct  Variables Referenced in a Region but not in a Construct
  2.19.2  threadprivate Directive
  2.19.3  List Item Privatization
  2.19.4  Data-Sharing Attribute Clauses  default Clause  shared Clause  private Clause  firstprivate Clause  lastprivate Clause  linear Clause
  2.19.5  Reduction Clauses and Directives  Properties Common To All Reduction Clauses  Reduction Scoping Clauses  Reduction Participating Clauses  reduction Clause  task_reduction Clause  in_reduction Clause  declare reduction Directive
  2.19.6  Data Copying Clauses  copyin Clause  copyprivate Clause
  2.19.7  Data-Mapping Attribute Rules, Clauses, and Directives  map Clause  defaultmap Clause  declare mapper Directive