| OPENMP API Specification: Version 5.0 November 2018

5.6  Runtime Entry Points for OMPD

The OpenMP implementation must define several entry point symbols through which execution must pass when particular events occur and data collection for OMPD is enabled. A tool can enable notification of an event by setting a breakpoint at the address of the entry point symbol.

Entry point symbols have external C linkage and do not require demangling or other transformations to look up their names to obtain the address in the OpenMP program. While each entry point symbol conceptually has a function type signature, it may not be a function. It may be a labeled location

  5.6.1  Beginning Parallel Regions
  5.6.2  Ending Parallel Regions
  5.6.3  Beginning Task Regions
  5.6.4  Ending Task Regions
  5.6.5  Beginning OpenMP Threads
  5.6.6  Ending OpenMP Threads
  5.6.7  Initializing OpenMP Devices
  5.6.8  Finalizing OpenMP Devices