| OPENMP API Specification: Version 5.0 November 2018


The OMP_SCHEDULE environment variable controls the schedule kind and chunk size of all loop directives that have the schedule kind runtime, by setting the value of the run-sched-var ICV.

The value of this environment variable takes the form:

[modifier:]kind[, chunk]


If the modifier is not present, the modifier is set to monotonic if kind is static; for any other kind it is set to nonmonotonic.

If chunk is present, white space may be on either side of the “,”. See Section 2.9.2 on page 288 for a detailed description of the schedule kinds.

The behavior of the program is implementation defined if the value of OMP_SCHEDULE does not conform to the above format.

Implementation specific schedules cannot be specified in OMP_SCHEDULE. They can only be specified by calling omp_set_schedule, described in Section 3.2.12 on page 1058.


setenv OMP_SCHEDULE "guided,4" 
setenv OMP_SCHEDULE "dynamic" 
setenv OMP_SCHEDULE "nonmonotonic:dynamic,4"  

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