| OPENMP API Specification: Version 5.0 November 2018


The OMP_STACKSIZE environment variable controls the size of the stack for threads created by the OpenMP implementation, by setting the value of the stacksize-var ICV. The environment variable does not control the size of the stack for an initial thread.

The value of this environment variable takes the form:

size | sizeB | sizeK | sizeM | sizeG


If only size is specified and none of B, K, M, or G is specified, then size is assumed to be in Kilobytes.

The behavior of the program is implementation defined if OMP_STACKSIZE does not conform to the above format, or if the implementation cannot provide a stack with the requested size.


setenv OMP_STACKSIZE 2000500B 
setenv OMP_STACKSIZE "3000 k " 
setenv OMP_STACKSIZE " 10 M " 
setenv OMP_STACKSIZE "20 m " 
setenv OMP_STACKSIZE " 1G" 
setenv OMP_STACKSIZE 20000  

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