| OPENMP API Specification: Version 5.0 November 2018


The OMP_TOOL_LIBRARIES environment variable sets the tool-libraries-var ICV to a list of tool libraries that are considered for use on a device on which an OpenMP implementation is being initialized. The value of this environment variable must be a list of names of dynamically-loadable libraries, separated by an implementation specific, platform typical separator.

If the tool-var ICV is not enabled, the value of tool-libraries-var is ignored. Otherwise, if ompt_start_tool is not visible in the address space on a device where OpenMP is being initialized or if ompt_start_tool returns NULL, an OpenMP implementation will consider libraries in the tool-libraries-var list in a left to right order. The OpenMP implementation will search the list for a library that meets two criteria: it can be dynamically loaded on the current device and it defines the symbol ompt_start_tool. If an OpenMP implementation finds a suitable library, no further libraries in the list will be considered.


% setenv OMP_TOOL_LIBRARIES libtoolXY64.so:/usr/local/lib/libtoolXY32.so  

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