| OPENMP API Specification: Version 5.0 November 2018

2.1.2  Free Source Form Directives

The following sentinel is recognized in free form source files:  


The sentinel can appear in any column as long as it is preceded only by white space. It must appear as a single word with no intervening white space. Fortran free form line length, white space, and continuation rules apply to the directive line. Initial directive lines must have a space after the sentinel. Continued directive lines must have an ampersand (&) as the last non-blank character on the line, prior to any comment placed inside the directive. Continuation directive lines can have an ampersand after the directive sentinel with optional white space before and after the ampersand.

Comments may appear on the same line as a directive. The exclamation point (!) initiates a comment. The comment extends to the end of the source line and is ignored. If the first non-blank character after the directive sentinel is an exclamation point, the line is ignored.

One or more blanks or horizontal tabs are optional to separate adjacent keywords in directive-names unless otherwise specified.

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Note – In the following example the three formats for specifying the directive are equivalent (the first line represents the position of the first 9 columns):  

       !$omp parallel do & 
                 !$omp shared(a,b,c) 
       !$omp parallel & 
      !$omp&do shared(a,b,c) 
!$omp paralleldo shared(a,b,c)  

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SVG-Viewer needed.