| OPENMP API Specification: Version 5.0 November 2018

2.2.1  Fixed Source Form Conditional Compilation Sentinels

The following conditional compilation sentinels are recognized in fixed form source files:  

!$ | *$ | c$  

To enable conditional compilation, a line with a conditional compilation sentinel must satisfy the following criteria:

If these criteria are met, the sentinel is replaced by two spaces. If these criteria are not met, the line is left unchanged.

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Note – In the following example, the two forms for specifying conditional compilation in fixed source form are equivalent (the first line represents the position of the first 9 columns):  

!$ 10 iam = omp_get_thread_num() + 
!$   &          index 
#ifdef _OPENMP 
   10 iam = omp_get_thread_num() + 
     &            index 

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