| OPENMP API Specification: Version 5.0 November 2018

2.2.2  Free Source Form Conditional Compilation Sentinel

The following conditional compilation sentinel is recognized in free form source files:  


To enable conditional compilation, a line with a conditional compilation sentinel must satisfy the following criteria:

Continuation lines can have an ampersand after the sentinel, with optional white space before and after the ampersand. If these criteria are met, the sentinel is replaced by two spaces. If these criteria are not met, the line is left unchanged.

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Note – In the following example, the two forms for specifying conditional compilation in free source form are equivalent (the first line represents the position of the first 9 columns):  

 !$ iam = omp_get_thread_num() +     & 
 !$&    index 
#ifdef _OPENMP 
    iam = omp_get_thread_num() +     & 

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SVG-Viewer needed.