| OPENMP API Specification: Version 5.0 November 2018

1.2.3  Loop Terminology

loop-associated directive
An OpenMP executable directive for which the associated user code must be a loop nest that is a structured block.

associated loop(s)
The loop(s) controlled by a loop-associated directive.

COMMENT: If the loop-associated directive contains a collapse or an ordered(n) clause then it may have more than one associated loop.

sequential loop
A loop that is not associated with any OpenMP loop-associated directive.

SIMD loop
A loop that includes at least one SIMD chunk.

non-rectangular loop nest
A loop nest for which the iteration count of a loop inside the loop nest is the not same for all occurrences of the loop in the loop nest.

doacross loop nest
A loop nest that has cross-iteration dependence. An iteration is dependent on one or more lexicographically earlier iterations.

COMMENT: The ordered clause parameter on a worksharing-loop directive identifies the loop(s) associated with the doacross loop nest.