| OPENMP API Specification: Version 5.0 November 2018

2.5.3  Modifying and Retrieving ICV Values

Table 2.2 shows the method for modifying and retrieving the values of ICVs through OpenMP API routines.

Table 2.2: Ways to Modify and to Retrieve ICV Values

ICV Ways to Modify Value Ways to Retrieve Value

dyn-var omp_set_dynamic() omp_get_dynamic()
nthreads-var omp_set_num_threads() omp_get_max_threads()
run-sched-var omp_set_schedule() omp_get_schedule()
def-sched-var (none) (none)
bind-var (none) omp_get_proc_bind()
stacksize-var (none) (none)
wait-policy-var (none) (none)
thread-limit-var thread_limit clause omp_get_thread_limit()
max-active-levels-var omp_set_max_active_levels(), omp_set_nested() omp_get_max_active_levels()
active-levels-var (none) omp_get_active_level()
levels-var (none) omp_get_level()
place-partition-var (none) See description below
cancel-var (none) omp_get_cancellation()
display-affinity-var (none) (none)
affinity-format-var omp_set_affinity_format() omp_get_affinity_format()
default-device-var omp_set_default_device() omp_get_default_device()
target-offload-var (none) (none)
max-task-priority-var (none) omp_get_max_task_priority()
tool-var (none) (none)
tool-libraries-var (none) (none)
debug-var (none) (none)
def-allocator-var omp_set_default_allocator() omp_get_default_allocator()


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