| OPENMP API Specification: Version 5.1 November 2020

6  Environment Variables

This chapter describes the OpenMP environment variables that specify the settings of the ICVs that affect the execution of OpenMP programs (see Section 2.4). The names of the environment variables must be upper case. Unless otherwise specified, the values assigned to the environment variables are case insensitive and may have leading and trailing white space. Modifications to the environment variables after the program has started, even if modified by the program itself, are ignored by the OpenMP implementation. However, the settings of some of the ICVs can be modified during the execution of the OpenMP program by the use of the appropriate directive clauses or OpenMP API routines.

The following examples demonstrate how the OpenMP environment variables can be set in different environments:

setenv OMP_SCHEDULE "dynamic"  
export OMP_SCHEDULE="dynamic"  
set OMP_SCHEDULE=dynamic  

As defined following Table 2.1 in Section 2.4.2, device-specific environment variables extend many of the environment variables defined in this chapter. If the corresponding environment variable for a specific device number, including the host device, is set, then the setting for that environment variable is used to set the value of the associated ICV of the device with the corresponding device number. If the corresponding environment variable that includes the _DEV suffix but no device number is set, then the setting of that environment variable is used to set the value of the associated ICV of any non-host device for which the device-number-specific corresponding environment variable is not set. In all cases the setting of an environment variable for which a device number is specified takes precedence.

Restrictions Restrictions to device-specific environment variables are as follows:

 6.9  OMP_NESTED (Deprecated)
 6.18  OMP_TOOL
 6.21  OMP_DEBUG