| OPENMP API Specification: Version 5.1 November 2020

2.4  Internal Control Variables

An OpenMP implementation must act as if internal control variables (ICVs) control the behavior of an OpenMP program. These ICVs store information such as the number of threads to use for future parallel regions, the schedule to use for worksharing loops and whether nested parallelism is enabled or not. The ICVs are given values at various times (described below) during the execution of the program. They are initialized by the implementation itself and may be given values through OpenMP environment variables and through calls to OpenMP API routines. The program can retrieve the values of these ICVs only through OpenMP API routines.

For purposes of exposition, this document refers to the ICVs by certain names, but an implementation is not required to use these names or to offer any way to access the variables other than through the ways shown in Section 2.4.2.

  2.4.1  ICV Descriptions
  2.4.2  ICV Initialization
  2.4.3  Modifying and Retrieving ICV Values
  2.4.4  How ICVs are Scoped  How the Per-Data Environment ICVs Work
  2.4.5  ICV Override Relationships