| OPENMP API Specification: Version 5.1 November 2020

3.13.2  omp_init_allocator

Summary The omp_init_allocator routine initializes an allocator and associates it with a memory space.


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omp_allocator_handle_t omp_init_allocator ( 
  omp_memspace_handle_t memspace, 
  int ntraits, 
  const omp_alloctrait_t traits[] 

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integer(kind=omp_allocator_handle_kind) & 
function omp_init_allocator ( memspace, ntraits, traits ) 
integer(kind=omp_memspace_handle_kind),intent(in) :: memspace 
integer,intent(in) :: ntraits 
type(omp_alloctrait),intent(in) :: traits(*)  

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Constraints on Arguments The memspace argument must be one of the predefined memory spaces defined in Table 2.8.

If the ntraits argument is greater than zero then the traits argument must specify at least that many traits. If it specifies fewer than ntraits traits the behavior is unspecified.

Binding The binding thread set for an omp_init_allocator region is all threads on a device. The effect of executing this routine is not related to any specific region that corresponds to any construct or API routine.

Effect The omp_init_allocator routine creates a new allocator that is associated with the memspace memory space and returns a handle to it. All allocations through the created allocator will behave according to the allocator traits specified in the traits argument. The number of traits in the traits argument is specified by the ntraits argument. Specifying the same allocator trait more than once results in unspecified behavior. The routine returns a handle for the created allocator. If the special omp_atv_default value is used for a given trait, then its value will be the default value specified in Table 2.9 for that given trait.

If memspace is omp_default_mem_space and the traits argument is an empty set this routine will always return a handle to an allocator. Otherwise if an allocator based on the requirements cannot be created then the special omp_null_allocator handle is returned.

Restrictions The restrictions to the omp_init_allocator routine are as follows:

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