| OPENMP API Specification: Version 5.1 November 2020

3.13.4  omp_set_default_allocator

Summary The omp_set_default_allocator routine sets the default memory allocator to be used by allocation calls, allocate directives and allocate clauses that do not specify an allocator.


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void omp_set_default_allocator (omp_allocator_handle_t allocator);  

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subroutine omp_set_default_allocator ( allocator ) 
integer(kind=omp_allocator_handle_kind),intent(in) :: allocator  

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Constraints on Arguments The allocator argument must be a valid memory allocator handle.

Binding The binding task set for an omp_set_default_allocator region is the binding implicit task.

Effect The effect of this routine is to set the value of the def-allocator-var ICV of the binding implicit task to the value specified in the allocator argument.

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