| OPENMP API Specification: Version 5.1 November 2020

2.13.1  Memory Spaces

OpenMP memory spaces represent storage resources where variables can be stored and retrieved. Table 2.8 shows the list of predefined memory spaces. The selection of a given memory space expresses an intent to use storage with certain traits for the allocations. The actual storage resources that each memory space represents are implementation defined.

Table 2.8: Predefined Memory Spaces

Memory space name Storage selection intent

omp_default_mem_space Represents the system default storage
omp_large_cap_mem_space Represents storage with large capacity
omp_const_mem_space Represents storage optimized for variables with constant values
omp_high_bw_mem_space Represents storage with high bandwidth
omp_low_lat_mem_space Represents storage with low latency

Variables allocated in the omp_const_mem_space memory space may be initialized through the firstprivate clause or with compile time constants for static and constant variables. Implementation-defined mechanisms to provide the constant value of these variables may also be supported.

Restrictions Restrictions to OpenMP memory spaces are as follows:

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