| OPENMP API Specification: "Version 5.2 -- GIT rev 95b2e3a44"

4  Base Language Formats and Restrictions

This section defines concepts and restrictions on base language code used in OpenMP. The concepts help support base language neutrality for OpenMP directives and their associated semantics.


The following restrictions apply generally for base language code in an OpenMP program:

 4.2  OpenMP Stylized Expressions
 4.3  Structured Blocks
  4.3.1  OpenMP Context-Specific Structured Blocks
 4.4  Loop Concepts
  4.4.1  Canonical Loop Nest Form
  4.4.2  OpenMP Loop-Iteration Spaces and Vectors
  4.4.3  collapse Clause
  4.4.4  ordered Clause
  4.4.5  Consistent Loop Schedules