Webinar: Large-Scale Materials Science Codes Porting Strategies on GPU Architectures, the BerkeleyGW Case Study

2022-04-22T13:56:49-07:00Apr 20, 2022|Tags: , |

This webinar discusses our experiences porting BerkeleyGW to three different GPU programming models (CUDA, OpenACC, and OpenMP Target) with various GPU vendor architectures.

Webinar: Using OpenMP to Harness GPUs for Core-Collapse Supernova Simulations with GenASiS

2022-02-22T16:15:58-07:00Feb 18, 2022|Tags: , |

Join us for a webinar introducing how to use OpenMP to harness the awesome computational power of GPUs with GenASiS for scientific simulations of core-collapse supernovas.

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