OpenMP 4.0 Specifications Released

2021-09-23T17:30:20-07:00Sep 23, 2021|

The OpenMP 4.0 Standard is released with Significant New Features OpenMP 4.0 supports the programming of accelerators, SIMD programming, and better optimization using thread affinity The OpenMP Consortium has released OpenMP 4.0, a major upgrade of the OpenMP standard language specifications. This release provides several major enhancements a mechanism to [...]

TR7 – OpenMP 5.0 Draft Now Available for Public Discussion

2021-09-23T17:14:18-07:00Jul 18, 2018|

This Technical Report is the public comment draft for the OpenMP Application Programming Specification version 5.0 that augments the OpenMP API Specification version 4.5 with support for C11, C++14/17, and Fortran 2008, for concurrent loops, improved worksharing constructs, task reductions, runtime interfaces for first-party (OMPT) and for third-party tools (OMPD), major extensions to the device constructs, memory allocation features, improved task dependencies, and several clarifications and corrections.

20 Years of OpenMP Article in Scientific Computing World

2020-04-08T13:25:01-07:00May 04, 2018|

Michael Klemm, CEO, and Matthijs van Waveren, marketing coordinator for the OpenMP ARB, along with Jim Cownie, principal engineer, Intel Corporation (UK), consider the development of OpenMP over the last 20 years. The article appears in Super Computing World, and requires registering for a free account (if you don't already have one.)

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