Celebrating 20 Years of OpenMP

2017-03-04T18:59:22-07:00Mar 04, 2017|

The OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB) celebrates this year the 20th anniversary of its incorporation and of the release of the first OpenMP API specification for parallel processing. The first two events that will form part of the official celebrations are hereby announced.

OpenMPCon Presentations

2018-07-01T01:54:09-07:00Dec 13, 2015|

Videos and slides of most of the presentations given at our first OpenMPCon developers conference, held September 29-30 at Aachen University, are now available on our YouTube channel as a playlist. Here are the individual videos: Where Did My Performance Go? Using OpenMP at NERSC Towards Using OpenMP in Embedded [...]

SC15 OpenMP Booth Videos

2021-09-23T17:30:29-07:00Dec 03, 2015|

Five short presentations given by members of the OpenMP team in the OpenMP booth at SC15 are now available on YouTube (playlist): OpenMP Tasking (Slides) Getting OpenMP Up to Speed (Slides) OpenMP for Embedded Systems (Slides) OpenMP and Parallware (Slides) SC 15 OpenMP - Performance and Energy Optimization with OpenMP [...]

OpenMP 4.5 Specs Released

2021-09-23T17:30:35-07:00Nov 27, 2015|

The OpenMP ARB is pleased to announce OpenMP 4.5, a major upgrade of the OpenMP standard language specifications. This release provides a substantial improvement on the support for programming of accelerator and GPU devices, and supports now also the parallelization of loops with well-structured dependencies. Implementation is underway in GCC [...]

OpenMP @ SC15 Austin Tx

2015-10-31T10:00:04-07:00Oct 31, 2015|

Join us in Austin, TX November 15-20 for Supercomputing 2015. We’ll be in booth #2036, and we have lots going on! BOF: Tuesday, Nov 17th, 5:30 - 7:00pm OpenMP: Where Are We and What’s Next?  [Room 18AB] We will showcase modern OpenMP (“The language that lets you use all your compute resources”) [...]

Videos from OpenMPCon 2015

2020-03-31T10:32:15-07:00Oct 12, 2015|

OpenMPCon 2015 is over. It was quite a success for the first such OpenMP developers and users conference. We managed to interview some of the participants, and those short interview videos are now up on our ≫OpenMP YouTube channel Topics ranged from OpenMP SIMD to OpenACC and OpenCL, OpenMP usage [...]

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