The Clang community has announced the availability of a full OpenMP 3.1 support implementation in the Clang compiler:

“This project implements OpenMP support in the Clang C language family front-end for the LLVM compiler. The current scope of the project is to support the OpenMP 3.1 specification.”

The project is hosted here:

It is based on clang 3.3 (and will be updated as new clang/llvm releases become available); also, we plan to eventually contribute everything to the clang trunk (initial patches have already been committed). This implementation supports 3.1 version of OpenMP standard in full; it passes all OpenMP tests we tried with it so far (this includes OpenMP Validation Suite from OpenUH Research Compiler, SPEC OMP2012 and internal Intel test suites). Performance-wise, it demonstrates similar gains and scalability as other compilers with OpenMP support.