Michael Wong, CEO of the OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB), comments in his blog about the forthcoming OpenMP 4.0 specifications:

So much has been happening in OpenMP since SC 12 that we I hope to capture it all in this post while flying back from a C++ Standard meeting.

When we last spoke, you heard that OpenMP has introduced a Technical Report process to improve its agility at issuing interim specifications, and more importantly to obtain user feedback. We used that process to introduce TR1 for accelerator support. We also released Release Candidate 1 which had 31 feature/defect fixes.

Since then, we had the Houston F2F meeting in January 2013, where we gathered to complete the work of

  • Incorporating feedback for accelerators and strengthen NVIDIA support where synchronization between teams are not implicit
  • Complete work on cancellation
  • Improve taskgroup support
  • Improve Fortran 2008 support
  • Fully specify affinity
  • Improved SIMD
  • Generalized Tooling and Debugger support


You can read it all »here.