SC10 White LogoThis year’s international supercomputing conference and exhibition, SC10, was in New Orleans, LA, November 13-19, and was there participating in the following events:

A Hands-On Introduction to OpenMP A Hands-On Introduction to OpenMP
Tim Mattson, Michael Wrinn, Mark Bull

Shared Memory Programming with OpenMP

Hybrid MPI and OpenMP Parallel Programming Hybrid MPI and OpenMP Parallel Programming
Rolf Rabenseifner, Georg Hager, Gabriele Jost

Birds of a Feather
OpenMP at the Frontiers of Parallelization
Larry Meadows, Bronis de Supinski, Nawal Copty

Best Student Paper (BSP) Finalist
Programming Models OpenMPC: Extended OpenMP Programming and Tuning for GPUs
Seyong Lee, Rudolf Eigenmann