Tutorial S08: A Hands-on Introduction to OpenMP (Full day)

Sunday, November 16, 2008 »SuperComputing ’08, Austin, Texas

Instructors: Larry Meadows, Intel Corporation, Tim Mattson, Intel Corporation

If you are planning on attending the 20th Anniversary of the SC Conference, to be held this year in Austin from November 15 through 21, and if you are interested in gaining a working knowledge of the OpenMP parallel programming model, then please consider registering for this tutorial, to be held on Sunday, November 16. This is a full day hands-on tutorial. We will alternate lectures with hands-on exercises designed to teach the basics and some advanced topics in OpenMP, including the new OpenMP 3.0 features

Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own laptops and to pre-install a compilation environment that supports OpenMP. A few laptops will be available for those unable to bring their own

We will support laptops running Windows, Linux, or OSX. The main pre-requisite is a conforming OpenMP environment.

The exercises are all written in C or C++, so no Fortran compiler is required

For Linux, we have tested a distribution of Fedora Core 9 on an Intel64 processor (64-bit mode) with gcc 4.3.2

For Windows, we have tested the PGI compiler (7.2-5) and the Intel compiler (10.1) on Windows XP

For OSX, we have tested the PGI compiler (7.2-5) on Mac OS X Leopard (64-bit)

Note on OpenMP 3.0 : OpenMP 3.0 has introduced a new concept called tasks. One solution to one of the exercises uses tasks. The above mentioned versions of the PGI compiler and the Intel compiler do not support tasks, so that particular solution won’t compile. It appears that gcc 4.3.2 does support the syntax for tasks, but it isn’t clear if all the runtime library work is finished.

We suggest the use of the PGI compiler for Windows and OSX because it does not require installation of any additional packages. PGI has agreed to extend their standard 15-day evaluation period until the end of November for tutorial participants.

To take advantage of this offer please send an e-mail request to sales@pgroup.com (preferably after installing the PGI compiler and obtaining your temporary license key) and mention that you are attending the OpenMP tutorial at SC. PGI will send you special extended demo keys and instructions for downloading an advance copy of the PGI 8.0 release compilers including full support for OpenMP 3.0 tasks.

If you choose to use PGI 8.0, we suggest you co-install it with PGI 7.2-5 or another of the pre-tested compilers listed above.

If you have any questions or problems validating an OpenMP environment on your laptop, and you plan to attend the tutorial, please feel free to contact Larry Meadows at lawrence.f.meadows@intel.com

Go to the »SuperComputing ’08 website for more information.