OpenMP 3.0 Specs Summary Card

An 8 page summary card of the OpenMP 3.0 specifications is now available: »Version 3.0 Summary Card (November, 2008) (PDF)               

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New Book (in German)

OpenMP - Eine Einführung in die parallele Programmierung mit C/C++ (OpenMP - An Introduction into Parallel Programming with C/C++ ) von Rainer Lienhart und Simon Hofmann, (Universität Augsburg) Has been published by »Springer (in German). Here is the description: Über dieses Lehrbuch OpenMP ist ein weit verbreiteter de-facto-Standard für High-Level [...]

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PGI Announces Release 8.0 With Full OpenMP 3.0 Support

Full support for the OpenMP 3.0 parallel programming standard for multi-core x64 CPUs and multi-socket servers, including full support for TASKs in PGF95 and PGCC in release 8.0. More information is at the »PGI website.

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OpenMP 3.0 Implementation Completed in Sun Studio Express 11.2008

Sun Microsystems has announced the Sun Studio Express November 2008 release with complete implementation of the OpenMP 3.0 specifications. Some OpenMP 3.0 features were first introduced in the Sun Studio Express July 2008 release. The implementation of OpenMP 3.0 is completed with the »Sun Studio Express November 2008 Release. The [...]

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Japanese Translation Available

Our thanks go to the volunteers from Fujitsu who have completed a translation of the OpenMP 3.0 API Specifications into Japanese, and to Dr. Satoh at the University of Tsukuba and volunteers at NEC who reviewed the final document for accuracy. OpenMP 3.0 in Japanese (November 2008)(PDF)

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OpenMP Tutorial at Supercomputing 2008

Tutorial S08: A Hands-on Introduction to OpenMP (Full day) Sunday, November 16, 2008 »SuperComputing ’08, Austin, Texas Instructors: Larry Meadows, Intel Corporation, Tim Mattson, Intel Corporation If you are planning on attending the 20th Anniversary of the SC Conference, to be held this year in Austin from November 15 through [...]

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IBM Releases XL Compilers with OpenMP 3.0 Support

The IBM XL C/C++ V10.1 and IBM XL Fortran V12.1 compilers have been released for both the AIX and Linux platforms. The XL C/C++ V10.1 compilers include full support for OpenMP V3.0. The XL Fortran V12.1 compilers include support for a subset of OpenMP V3.0 features. For details and trial [...]

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OpenMP at SC08

OpenMP will be at Supercomputing '08 in Austin, TX, Nov 17-21: A Birds of a Feather meeting OpenMP 3.0: Ushering in a New Era of Parallelism on Tuesday, Nov 18, 5.30-7.00 pm The OpenMP booth on the exhibit floor, manned by OpenMP experts giving demos and answering questions. If you're [...]

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More Experiments from Christian Terboven on Tasking in 3.0

Christian Terboven at the University of Aachen continues his experiments with OpenMP 3.0 tasking: »More on Tasking in OpenMP 3.0 We already played a lot with Tasking and are looking into how well it can be applied to *real* applications. In the “Introduction to Parallel Programming” lecture and also in [...]

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Latest Topics in the General Forums

The following topics are currently being discussed over at the »OpenMP General Forum: Global scope & threadprivate leads to undefined symbol How can I install openMP packages on Ubuntu? Any good 3.0 examples? Does OpenMP implementation clean up the threads itself? Custom reduction operators in OpenMP Calculate CPU Utilization Only [...]

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