The OpenMPCon Developers Conference and the 13th International Workshop on OpenMP (IWOMP) Mark 20 Years of OpenMP Evolution

MARCH 2, 2017 – The OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB) celebrates this year the 20th anniversary of its incorporation and of the release of the first OpenMP API specification for parallel processing. The first two events that will form part of the official celebrations are hereby announced.

Since its advent in 1997, the OpenMP programming model has proved to be a key driver behind parallel programming for shared-memory architectures.  Its powerful and flexible programming model has allowed researchers from various domains to enable parallelism in their applications.  Over the two decades of its existence, OpenMP has tracked the evolution of hardware and the complexities of software to ensure that it stays as relevant to today’s high performance computing community as it was in 1997.

The OpenMP ARB has recently announced the first two events that will form part of the official celebrations. OpenMPCon and the International Conference on OpenMP (IWOMP) 2017 combine to provide OpenMP developers, researchers, and thought leaders with the opportunity to share their work and experiences. The two events take place at Stony Brook University in New York, USA between the 18th and 22nd of September and are now taking submissions.

OpenMPCon 2017 (18-20 Sept) provides a unique forum for OpenMP developers to present and discuss the development of real-world applications, libraries, tools and techniques that leverage the performance of parallel processing through the use of OpenMP. The submission deadline for OpenMPCon is June 1.

IWOMP 2017 (21-22 Sept) focuses on the presentation of unpublished academic research and takes place immediately after OpenMPCon.  The submission deadline for IWOMP is April 28.

“Developers attending this year’s OpenMPCon and IWOMP conferences will have the added bonus of joining us to celebrate the vital contribution OpenMP has made by enabling high-performance computing over the past two decades and will also help us to shape OpenMP’s next twenty years.” said Michael Klemm, OpenMP CEO.